Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reading and reading and reading. And reading. And translating.

Apologies for the slower responses to your submissions than anticipated. There's been enough stories that we truly enjoyed that if we could we'd fill a little (or not so little) anthology.

But rest assured that we are slowly, finally, making headway through the inbox of stories waiting to be read. It's slower going that we'd have liked because we received so many stories which were even better than we'd hoped.

On an update front: we've now found ourselves one team member larger. When we get a chance we'll introduce him more formally, but the short of it is: we will be able to accept stories in French in the next subs period, and at the very least "The Architecture of the Moon" will be translated to (over half-way done already!) and narrated in French as well.


  1. While I appreciate your efforts at quick turnaround, it's cool. Turnaround for an *accepted* story of mine at On Spec was literally eight months. Most places average (IME) 30-120 days, so you're doing quite well.

    I also think the multilingual approach you're taking is simply awesome.

  2. Thanks for the comment, and while it's probably a bit idealistic, the thought of it hasn't faded: we're hoping that imaginative stories in several languages help people realize how much we all have in common -- a love of such stories.