Monday, March 15, 2010

Shipping. Blurbage. Submissions status. Or: "It's compressive, intelligent, and enlightening." And open!

Well, I've printed a holiday greeting cards list number of shipping labels... but no UPS truck in sight. So a quick update on two topics.

Blurbage! From Tim Deal of Shroud Publishing, on my interview of D. Harlan Wilson:
"It's compressive, intelligent, and enlightening."
 That's fun stuff right there. So, on to point number two:

Submissions status! I've been unofficially open since early February, and might as well just call it official. While the guidelines are a touch out of date (now that I'm printing physical magazines as well) they suffice for the most part, with perhaps a touch of extra guidance and hintery as to what I am looking for:
  • Local (somewhere around Durham, NC, US) short fiction, both original and reprint.
  • Poetry, both original and reprint.
  • For non-local short fiction, it needs to be on the shorter side, 1000-3000 words or so. I've committed to a great non-local story per issue through 2010, so if you want to know before late 2010 if I can pick up your story of 4000+ words, I'm probably not a great place to submit for that right now. That said... I'll read pretty much anything you care to send.
  • Reviews and interviews and articles. Query on this, I have some things in mind I'd like to include reviews of, so if you're open to suggestions, go ahead and ask. (editors at bullspec dot com)
  • Art and photography, both original and reprinted, and both stand alone and to accompany stories. For the latter, query with some sample art and we can talk.
  • Cover Art for Issue #2 is pretty high up on my list.
  • Looking way, way ahead: some pitches for 2011's serialized graphic short story.

Whew. Still no UPS truck. Totally unfair. I have nearly every page for issue #2 accounted (or at least planned) for, but I'm going to let #1 have the spotlight a little longer. I do nearly desperately need a local fiction piece for issue #2, so if you're local, say hello!


  1. I'm peripherally local.

    So. Hello!

    ~Terra LeMay

  2. I'm going to have to come up with something to submit!

    Quick question: how many poems would you like us to submit at one time? I know some magazines like three to five, while others only like one.

  3. I live in Greensboro. I sent you something on May 11th.

  4. Hey mgellington -- I'm in early April in reading new submissions right now. I will work my butt off to make a lot of progress when I get issue #2 out the door.

  5. Hey! I'm a published writer living in Durham (and a NC native) and I submitted some original fantasy poetry-prose about two weeks ago (i know, not very long). Is there an average turnaround time for a response? Just wondering.


  6. Hey Jason -- sent you an e-mail.

  7. Hey there! Just heard about this publication, and I'm a local author with a little bit of everything up my sleeve. I'm working on polishing up a metaphysical fiction piece and then I'll send it along...is it ok if the piece is not set locally?

  8. Hey Jen M., it's definitely OK if the piece is not set locally.

  9. I was wondering if all of the artwork for this magazine was created by on-staff artists or if you used freelance artists. If you only use on-staff artists, are there any positions open? Here is a link to my art blogsite: www.moonfaerieart.blogspot.com
    thank you for your time.