Monday, March 12, 2012

No e-mail newsletter this month (March 2012).

Well, as it's nearly the Ides of March and I haven't sent one out, just going to call it that there won't be an e-mail newsletter this month. Finally finished closing the tax books on 2011 which has been a big time sink, and now will find time to put the final touches on issue #7 and send it to the printers. There will be something fun going on in April, namely an honest to goodness issue launch party, but I don't want to plan it or announce it until I have a ship date from the printers. (Too many close calls recently, where I'm waiting at home on the afternoon of the event for the UPS truck to come up the hill...) Working on a few angles for that in terms of guests and turning it into an NC Speculative Fiction Night, but... too many kitchens, too few cooks for thinking on that today.

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