Monday, January 16, 2012

An apology to my contributors, readers, and advertisers on the lateness of issue #7.

Well, there's really no hiding it, or "smoothing" it out this time. Issue #7 is no longer the "Winter 2011-12" issue; it's the "Spring 2012" issue. I want to offer (again) my apologies to my patient readers, my forgiving advertisers, and my contributors that their works, planned for 2011, are now coming in early 2012 instead. Additionally, an apology to the "2011 year in review" editors who essentially wasted their time considering these stories for 2011, some of which I also included in my yearly Pushcart Prize nominations, spots which should have gone to poems and essays and stories actually published in 2011. It is what it is. Issue #7 will be out as soon as we can finish it (which includes some rework on the cover; sorry JZ for yet another bother on that score) and we'll hope to have issue #8 out in May.

I thought I had learned my lesson with issue #4, which while it did come out in late (late!) December 2010, ended up creating a lot of confusion as the print copies didn't arrive until mid-January, for some reviewers late January. Apparently not. Well, we'll keep learning and keep trying, and thanks for sticking with us.


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