Monday, May 17, 2010

Breaking free of locality.

Well, it's happened. Two stores whose management I cannot personally influence with a visit and an "offer they can't refuse" have opened their doors to Bull Spec #1.

The first is Greenville, South Carolina's Fiction Addiction. I found them on IndieBound and they were very up front about their support for authors and artists in the Carolinas, and though it's much later than I'd hoped (the fault is all mine, trying too long to figure out ever-cheaper ways to send more than a copy at a time somewhere) issue #1 should be in stock at their Woodruff Road store if you head their way. To be safe, maybe wait until tomorrow? But why not go by today anyway and, worst case, check out something else if "BS" isn't in stock.

The second is Indianapolis, Indiana's Downtown Comics. I had the sibling inside scoop that their downtown location (they're also in Castleton, Greenwood, and on West 10th Street just outside I-465) was a really nice place, and the oldest of my younger brothers (there needs to be shorthand for that) took a copy of BS #1 by the next time he was in for some comics and a chat. A phone call later I was sending a box their way. Thanks for supporting a small independent publisher, Downtown Comics! (And "Boiler Up!" Doug!)


  1. And now New York!

    That's great, I hope the distribution keeps on widening. :)

  2. Try connecting w/Corey Mesler @ Burke's Book Store (http://www.burkesbooks.com) in Memphis, Square Books (http://www.squarebooks.com/) in Oxford, MS, and Lemuria Books (http://www.lemuriabooks.com/index.php) in Jackson, MS. Also, have you checked in w/manager Buzzy Porter at the Borders branches @ RDU? He's a right affable fellow. I have no idea if his market would be right, but he knows people all over the country in the trade.

    Good luck!

  3. Mesler's just w/Burke's, not the others, btw. I have seemingly lost my ability to communicate effectively, alas. And yes, it _is_ Friday. Oy.

  4. Thanks very much, VL! I have talked to the Borders @RDU but (this was before I had magazines to show) I got the answer "we only go through national distribution." I'll certainly try again with a name in hand.

    And I'll definitely see what those MS stores think, thanks again!